We Have Re-Branded!

As any returning viewer may have noticed, we have re-branded our channel. We were once known as “Moreganplease” and have now changed our channel name to “More Travel Please”.

“Why?? I liked that name. :(”

Well suck it up buttercup because it didn’t describe us. If you are a real OG and have been following us since before we made travel vlogs, you would know that “Moreganplease” was solely Morgan’s username/online persona. So that was the first issue with the name- it excluded Harrison. It simply did not fit the image that is the both of us.

The second thing that was wrong with the name… is the spelling. It was a silly name Morgan made up when she was in middle school that was built to be a pun, of sorts. Imagine “gan” as something you can have “More” of. Which is why there’s an e in “MorEganplease”, but not in Morgan’s actual name. Now imagine trying to tell someone your channel name and then having to explain the spelling, and then also explain why Harrison is not part of the name and… Wait.. WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOIng oh forget it. They’re gone.

The third factor is that, well, the name has absolutely nothing to do with travel, and no one knew what it was until we described it, on top of everything else.

SO. We needed a name that didn’t exclude either one of us from the image, a name that’s easy to spell, a name that describes what our channel is and a name that isn’t drastically different from our original name, and so “More Travel Please” it is!

I hope this sums everything up for anyone who was wondering what the heck we were doing, or in the worst case wondering who the heck we are! We are still doing the same hyper-budget friendly travel videos with plenty of housesits all around the world, just with a different name 🙂

See you guys in the next video!

-Harrison & Morgan

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