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You CAN Travel the World!

Welcome to our Website!

All our childhood, we’ve had a dream to travel the world. We were raised with the idea that travel is meant for the wealthy, the retired, or the extremely lucky. Fortunately, we found out this is not true!

We have found that travel can be for most anybody. It is not impossible, nor is it nearly as expensive as we had imagined it would be. In fact, it is cheaper for us to travel the world than it is to stay at home and pay rent. Our name’s are Morgan and Harrison, and we are determined to convince you and the rest of the world that they not only should travel, but that you can, even if you don’t believe it. 

Follow us around the world as we show you the ropes on how we manage to save 10’s of thousands of dollars while travelling locally and abroad. We have visited 15+ different countries thus far, but our adventures are far from over.

To learn more about how we budget, where we find our accommodation, how we get from A to B and how we figured out exploring the world, follow us on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook by searching “More Travel Please”.

Every Penny Counts!

One big thing that separates us from other travel vloggers:

We are very transparent about our cost.

Every purchase, including groceries, toiletries, cell phone charges, ATM fees, plane tickets, accommodation, and any other penny we put towards our travels is tallied in real time when ever we make any purchase during our vlogs.

A HUGE Thank You to Our Current Members:

Zoe 🙂
Thomas Bicak
Sally Jane
Rodney Brown
Luc Ritchie
Sally Kingsbury
Jason Hudgins
Edgard Hernandez
Evelyn Victus
Stephen Griffiths
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