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We made a Skyrim Fantasy DREAM #Vanlife Van!!!

“We’re happy to say that we have already hit the road in our van!”


Our #vanlife van is COMPLETE!!! We now have our dream van that looks like something out of Skyrim! Or maybe Game of Thrones… or maybe Lord of the Rings… or maybe just a renaissance/medieval faire, or all of the above!!

Our Story – Happy 10 Year Anniversary πŸ’– High School Sweethearts to World Travelers

“At 15 and 16 years old, we met in high school…”

On June 18, 2010 we unknowingly began a forever. Happy 10 year anniversary to us πŸ₯° This video shows our love story from High Schoolers to World Travelers!

We are starting VANLIFE!! II Van Tour, Goals, & Story II – Part One –

“We’re fixing up our van to make it super awesome!”


It’s finally happening!! #VANLIFE!! This is part ONE of our van-life series – where we will be fixing up, building on and traveling around the USA in our brand new Nissan NV SV High Top!! πŸ˜€

Do House Sitters Get Paid? – The ULTIMATE House Sitting Guide (Part 2)

“My boyfriend and I travel around the world by housesitting because we travel as cheaply as possible.”


We have been able to stay for free in so many fabulous homes and apartments in some of the most expensive places in the world – places so fancy that we used to only dream of staying somewhere like them.

How to Travel RENT FREE! The ULTIMATE House Sitting Guide – Part 1

“The most important cheap travel hack that we have ever found and the pivotal reason that we can even continue traveling: House Sitting.”


For the past two years, we have been utilizing the ULTIMATE travel hack – house sitting. House sitting allows us to live rent free all throughout the world.

Getting Real About Travel: What we DO + DON’T miss!

“We’re just gonna talk about the things that we like, and the things that we don’t like.”


Us travelers are no longer traveling, and it leaves us with some time to think. Being forced to stop traveling might actually have some pros to it…along with a long list of cons.

Social Distancing in the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE!! – White Mountains, NH

“We are going to show you one of the most beautiful places not only in the US, but- we really think in the whole world.”


The White Mountains in New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful places in the United States!

Spring in New Hampshire – Slow Living in Paradise 🌼

“We just kind of want to show you what it’s like living as house sitters.”


This video shows a day in the life of Housesitters in the most idyllic cabin in the woods and mountains of New Hampshire during springtime!!

Addressing the elephant in the room – Travel/Channel Update

“We had housesits all the way through to the end of July… they got cancelled.”


Hey! This is a really rough time for everyone right now, and we just wanted to make a quick video explaining where we are at with everything.

Our LAST day in Canada!! // Ottawa on a Budget

“I’m gonna drill my own hole [into a maple tree] for maple syrup because I’m in the woods and this is to only food I have to survive…”


It was AWESOME to get to spend a month in the Great White North but sadly we had to leave! This video is all of the fun hidden gems, amazing food, and fun stuff that we did on our LAST day in Canada!

The Broke Travelers Guide to Ottawa: Everything FREE!

“It’s like a portal into the forest!”


Money? Don’t know her. One of the great things about major cities like Ottawa is that they offer SO many free things to do and see!!

How did we NOT know how BEAUTIFUL Montreal is??? // Budget Travel Guide

“It’s just so much prettier than I ever suspected!”


We take a day trip from Ottawa into Montreal – a city that seriously shocked us! Our only complaint is that we wish we had way more time to check it out!! Did YOU know how awesome this city is??

THIS Canadian festival will make you LOVE Winter! | Winterlude, Ottawa

“Let’s go see what’s there to do!”


t’s time to embrace Winter!!! No better place to do that than the Great White North herself – Canada. Every year Ottawa puts on an amazing winter festival called Winterlude with sooo many free events that will make you LOVE winter!! And you know that if there are free events, we will be there πŸ˜‰

Americans Try CANADIAN Food in Ottawa!

“Let’s try our first bite of poutine, ever!”


We’ve made it to CANADA!! Time to try some Canadian food for the first time! Poutine, Beavertails, taffy on snow, ketchup chips, Tim Hortons, smarties, coffee crunch, aero, eat more…ALL THE FOODS.

Welcome to our home! // Local’s Guide to the Smallest State in the US

“If you were to come hang out with us [in our home state] as friends, this is what we would do!”


Welcome to Rhode Island! When we are not traveling through Europe, we live in the smallest state in the US. Let us take you to some of our favorite local places to go! πŸ™‚

From A Dream To Reality – Our Travel Journey

“This is a look at our last two years of travel, and a life that I thought would never mine.”


I’ve dreamt of travel my whole life. I always thought that it was unattainable, and even when I finally did travel to Italy in 2016 – I still wanted more than I thought I could ever get. I wanted to travel for longer than a week every few years. I wanted adventure and a life that was thrilling. Now, we have traveled for half of the year for the past 2 years and are about to travel for an entire one. This video is the journey of More Travel Please – from a dream to reality.

The END of Moreganplease – Updates and 2020 Travel Plans!!

“Our old name was stupid…” “…Very stupid.”

Morgan & Harrison

New year, new name, new travel plans! This is a major update video about why we changed our name, what’s our video schedule going forward and what our travel plans are for 2020! πŸ™‚

We Traveled Europe On $3 A Day – 6 Months Budget Breakdown

“Any penny we spent on this trip, that we utilized for this trip- We included in this budget.”


You know that famous book – Europe on $5 A Day? Well, we have it beat. Watch this video to see how we traveled for 6 months to 7 countries on a big Eurotrip and spent way less than most people do in just half of that time living at home!! It still amazes me that travel is my life now. Coming from someone who has never had money my whole life, this was a fairytale dream until I realized it could become my reality. We are not people trying to sell you something (because we have no sponsors πŸ˜‰ we have no hidden agenda, we are just small Youtubers trying to show people like us that travel IS a possibility for them!!

How NOT to pack for SIX MONTHS abroad!!

“It’s not my fault the wheels broke!”

“…I think it is because you brought so much clothes…”

Morgan & Harrison

Heed our advice, weary travelers!! For the night is dark and full of heavy, broken suitcases 😦 This is EVERYTHING we packed for our six month long eurotrip to 8 countries!! Use this video as a guide of what NOT to do πŸ˜‚

WE’RE HOME! Christmas in Beautiful BOSTON!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ„

BOSTON, Massachusetts – the sports, the history, the food, the CHRISTMAS!! In this video we show what we think are the most beautiful areas of central Boston – old timey, charming, and positively Hallmark movie status πŸ˜‚This is our first American vlog, as we have returned home from our Europe trip for the holidays. Stay tuned for our wrap up on that series, and hit SUBSCRIBE for way more budget travel vlogs!!

Scotland Does It Better – CHRISTMAS in Edinburgh!!

“This hot strawberry shake is like… the JUICE OF MY LIFE”


IT’S CHRISTMASTIME IN THE CITY!!! Edinburgh, Scotland is one of our all time favorite cities in the whole world and it somehow becomes even 10 times BETTER around Christmastime!! This video is a vlog/guide of the BEST of it all! πŸ™‚

See 100+ more travel videos and more here.


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